I'm overjoyed about my new Korg PX5D

Here's the story:  A few months ago, my friend "sold" me his guitar (Ibanez RG42-DX).  He said I could pay it off when I had the bucks.  As it turned out, I infrequently had the bucks ;)  It's so bad that, until this morning, I still owed him 600 bucks or thereabouts.

The other part of the story is that, a few months ago, I borrowed Francis one of my G3 DVDs as well as my Brett Garsed instructional DVD.  Both great DVDs.  So great that I haven't seen them in months.

The third part of the story is that Francis had a rough year and needed bucks.  He also had recently bought this UBER cool Korg PX5D that I absolutely love but had little use for it.  As soon as I'd tried it out, I decided that I wanted one.  So he suggested that, once I'd paid off the Ibanez, I could get the Korg until I had the bucks to pay IT off.  That was his way of motivating me to pay faster but, alas, it was a rough year for us all so, while it did help a little, it didn't get either one of us what we really wanted...  Francis: his bucks months ago; and me: that Korg months ago :)

(Oh, by the way, a few months back I sold my guitar (Ibanez RG470) and amp (Roland Cube 30))

So skip to this morning when Francis proposes that he gets to keep those DVDs and I get to keep the Ibanez (ie: it's paid off).  The Korg then comes to it's new home and I get to actually PLAY guitar again! 

Woohoo!  I'm so stoked.  This thing has so many awesome features.  You can record short clips of yourself, you can plug it into the USB port of your PC and record as long as you want, it has MIDI backing tracks which sound awesome, you can change their key, tempo or remove parts out of them (bass, rhythm, drums, etc).  You can use the phrase-trainer feature to nail a REALLY hard legato run.  And it just sounds so damn awesome!

I'm officially the happiest man on earth :)  I just had to share this with the world.  Yippeeeeee!

What it means to be a guitarist...

The Fender Forum
"Persons never trained in music will never understand the discipline and the passion for it. They will never appreciate the need to play a phrase over, and over, and over again until it is mastered. They will never understand the emotion that is reflected in what has been referred to as a "guitar face''....that bent note that comes from your soul, driven outward and upward, starting in your feet and ultimately smashing forth through the top of your head. They will never understand how we can exorcise our demons through it, how it saves our souls and brings us peace.

Easier to describe light to the blind, sound to the deaf, and speech to the dumb." -zzdoc

Garfield's Favourite Place...

AdGator - We Want a Blog!

It's Tuesday, the 13th day of 2009 and my AdGator Dashboard is still showing zero bucks coming in.  It also says that a paid campaign started yesterday and that The Times are continuing their ad campaign during this week.  Other than those updates, I don't know what's going on.  Most importantly, I don't know why I haven't made any money this week.  I'd like to know so I can decide if I should keep running AdGator's ad-code or swap it with something else in the meanwhile.

I hope someone's listening :)

27 Secrets of Internet Marketing

Best tips on internet marketing I've ever read.  This guy cuts through the crap and just gives you the goods.  Love it!

27 Secrets of Internet Marketing Success - bly.com blog - bly.com direct marketing blog
If you are an Internet information marketer or aspire to be one, here are some rules that can help you maximize your online revenues this year:

2009 Work Goals

So Ally mentioned something about self-assessing once every 6 months and I think it's very wise so I'm putting my goals down in writing out in the open and, somewhere around June, I need to come back and see just how much of this I've achieved and what I haven't and what I need to change to get back on track...

Business Goals...

1. Get FreeArticles.co.za back over the R5,000 hump.

2. Push GuitarForum.co.za over the R5,000 hump as well.

3. Go under debt review and stop getting calls from banks and things ;)

4. Push SpotOnForex.com over the R20,000 hump.

5. Push IconFarm.co.za over the R1,000 hump.

6. Push iThank.co.za over the 1,000 users hump.

7. Revive JogMyMemory.co.za and push it over the R1,000 hump.

8. Develop semi-confidential projects that are potentially worth over R100,000 per month.

9. Get R1m funding so I can get other people to do the work
necessary for some of these and so I can finally realise my vision of
Maxiware CC being a solid web development and internet technology
research house.

Personal Goals...

1. Reach my 100 pushups goal and stay there or do better.

2. Take at least one week-long holiday somewhere pretty.  Can even be up the road, as long as it's pretty.

3. Pay everyone on time.

4. Help my mom, dad & sisters in some significant way.

5. Help other family as well.

6. Build a repertoire of really awesome songs I can play on guitar.  (Learn them first, duh :P)

That's it!  Let's see how I'm doing in 6 months :)

Keep Calling till You Get Thru

Failing is like phoning someone when they're in the shower.  Your first call might not get answered.  Maybe even your 2nd, 3rd and 4th calls but, if you're persistent, and you recognise failure as a stepping stone to success, your 5th call will probably get answered and you'll get what you were looking for.

It works like this:  The first time you call, the person you're trying to reach might not even hear his phone ring before the last ring and it's too late.  "Oh well", he says and he carries on showering without even opening the shower door.

The second time you phone, the guy you're trying to reach will be a little more sensitive to the sound of his phone ringing so he might hear the whole thing but maybe he just doesn't feel like running out, sopping wet, just to answer his phone.  The 3rd and 4th calls could go the same way, with the guy you're trying to get a hold of being too busy drying off, getting dressed and brushing his teeth to get to the phone.

But... by the 5th time you phone this guy, he's clean, dry, dressed and ready to take your call so he picks up and you get what you wanted -- and you have his FULL attention coz he knows you're SERIOUS about what you want.  He's also probably really sorry for missing your earlier calls so you could even get him to go that extra mile for you -- neat :)

Life and the universe is like that.  The first time you take action towards something you want, the universe might be a bit distracted.  The 2nd, 3rd and 4th times, it's moving closer and closer towards you BUT you can't see anything so you might lose faith and give up.  The trick is in making that 5th call because then, all of a sudden, everything seems to line up for you and you have a massive success -- potentially achieving more than you had originally set out to do.

All you need to realise is that each call (action) is bringing you closer to your goal and persistence is what will get you to success.

Sometimes it just takes 2 calls, sometimes it 4,000 but as long as you keep calling, you'll eventually get through :)  (As long as you have the right number ;))

Sleep makes you smarter

Never underestimate the power of sleep!  I just fixed in 30 seconds what I spent over an hour battling with last night.  And this isn't the first time either.  Every time I'm battling with something, a 1-hour walk or a full night's rest makes the problem painfully obvious.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Jim Rohn says, and I happen to agree, that the way to fix money stress is to have a lot.  It might not fix your other problems in your life.  It won't necessarily make you happy but your money stress will go away.

That makes perfect sense in my head!  Sure there are other ways of fixing money stress.  You could become a monk, you could convince yourself that you don't need the money, or you could live by a budget but, quite frankly, none of those appeal to me.  Okay, I lie.  The monk one appeals to me but I'm married, have 2 dogs, 4 cats & 2 rats.  I feel responsible to them to make money so I've chosen this path I'm on now.

And that's what brings me to the point of this muse.  Before I had financial responsibilities, I wanted to save the world.  I had a real fire burning inside me and there was nothing anyone could say that could turn it out.

In my mid-teens I was reading books about "Accelerated Learning", "Mind Power" and more.  Long before "The Secret" ever came out, I had at least a shallow understanding of its basic principles.

I dropped out of school and set out to conquer the world.  And, make no mistake, I achieved a lot in the 7 or 8 years that followed... 

I got my first real-world job (I'd been working for extra cash since I was 13), got my driver's licence, got my 2nd job, bought my first car, got medical aid, left the job scene to start my own business, had some tough months, had some flipping amazing months, moved in with the hottest girl alive, got household insurance, got married and lots of other stuff in between.

By my standards, I've actually been very successful and achieved much of what I set out to do when I first wrote my "Before I turn 30" goals-list.  I haven't quite "arrived" yet but I've certainly met and overcome many challenges that had others defeated.

But something else happened over these last 7 or 8 years.  I gradually became a slave to money.

Make no mistake, money is a wonderful thing if you earn it because you want it and the things it can buy but not if you earn it because you're afraid you might starve otherwise, or be uninsured and stand the risk of losing all you own, or lose your car, or lose something else.

When you're earning money because you're afraid of losing what you have, something happens and you lose your fire.  Heck, I'd say you lose your life.

I have big visions for my life and I fully expect to be a multi-millionaire within the next couple of years but the trouble is that in my daily struggle to survive, I often (not sometimes, often) lose sight of my bigger goals.

And that's why I think I am where I am today and I'm not where I could be.  Each time you lose sight of your goals and you get stuck into what you're doing day-in and day-out, you forget to do things that serve your higher purpose.  You forget to make that call, go to that meeting, answer that phone (I almost never do!), build that business, and the list goes on.

Instead, you avoid those calls, make just enough and, bit by bit, if you're not careful and you don't wake up to what's happening around you, your goals slip a little further away from you until, eventually, you can barely see them in the horizon.

That, my friend, is the scariest thing I could ever imagine for myself.  To fail to achieve what I've set out to do.  And if you're afraid of it too, I recommend you join me in my resolve to stop being afraid and to rekindle your passion for life because FEAR is what got us here in the first place.  Find that fire within you, remind yourself why you want the things you want and then set out every day to do a little something that brings you closer to your dream, your vision, your goals.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light." - Dylan Thomas

SugarCRM is BAD for OpenSource

SugarCRM or, more accurately, SugarCE (community edition) is opensource customer relationship management software, or CRM software.

Like other CRMs available, its purpose is to make it easier for you to keep track of your customers and your company's relationship with those customers.  You can do that by keeping track of leads, sales, and so on.

Now I've just spent over 10 hours today trying to install and run SugarCRM but I continuously encountered issues where it would hang for minutes at a time and generally be very useless. 

I checked my logs, checked the other applications on my web server and everything seemed fine.  In fact, more than fine, being a Sunday afternoon, everything was running extra fast.  Every except SugarCRM, that is.

"Not a problem, I'll go to the forum", I thought.

Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha.

I encountered a number of people experiencing the same issues I was but here is where it gets interesting, threads were being opened but never answered.  I must have found over 7 threads relating to the issues I was having without any one of them having a single answer posted.

That's terrible.

In my (extensive) experience with OpenSource, questions get answered in hours or days.  They don't get left there for you to battle with by yourself.

To me, the problem is NOT the community but in the way that the Sugar company itself runs it's forums and the rest of it's company.  It would appear that no one is employed to moderate the forum, much less provide added support.

They might step in at this point and argue that the community edition of their software isn't supported but this level of UNsupport leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  The sort of bad taste that ensures that I never try the commercial version of their software.

I'm bitterly disappointed in SugarCRM.  If this was someone's first experience with OpenSource can you imagine them ever coming back? I don't think so.