You Can't Escape Your Destiny

I was born "Honorio Bartolomeu De Sousa". Honorio, if you look it up, is Portuguese name meaning "honorary one" or "honorable one".

However, the kids I grew up with couldn't quite pronounce it so, later in life, I shortened it to just "Norio". It's what my family called me (as my real name, Honorio, is pronounced more like Oo-norio). It was easier to write, easier to spell and, well, just made sense.

Of course, it's still to much for most people to get, especially over the phone, so maybe I'll just shorten it to 'N'. We shall see.

Anyhow, I've lived most of my adult years (all 7 of them) being called 'Norio' without thinking much of it.

I later found out (by Googling myself) that 'Norio' is a common (not popular, just common) Japanese name. I never took it further than that but it was an interesting thing to know.

And today, I found out, by visiting, that my name means "man of principles.

I wanted to confirm that so I Googled it a bit and found this site, which says it means "lawful man":

As it turns out, I do tend to be quite a lawful, principled kinda guy. Sometimes to the surprise and frustration of some of my friends.

So I've come to the conclusion that, try as we might, we cannot escape our "destiny". I don't really believe in a god-given destiny but I do believe in a destiny that I give myself and it seems obvious to me that I gave myself the destiny of being a lawful, principled, honorary kind of guy. I'm not sure what that's worth but, hey, at least I now know better than to fight it :D