I Actually *Do* Enjoy Work. Weird.

I actually DO enjoy my work. I nearly fell off my chair when I realised this today. I've been bored and miserable most of this weekend (my wife is away on business) and then... I sat down to work!

Some good music (everything ranging from Jazz to Hard Rock and Metal), a good coding challenge and some hot beverage (coffee/tea) and I'm happy and feeling good again. Weird. I was convinced I didn't like this stuff :P

For maximum enjoyment, I should be working on one of my personal projects (of which there are many) or working with a nice-guy client who pays on time and doing something a little different to what I've done before.

Perhaps another contributor to enjoyment is the knowledge that there will be a reward for my efforts somewhere down the line. It's very depressing to work on a personal project that flops but clients pay, whether or not they make money. (I'd rather they make money but the point remains the same.)

There's a philosophical point to be made here and that is: As long as we're achieving something, depression and boredom have nothing to hold onto.

And another: Work with clients who value you enough to pay enough and to pay on time.

And yet another: Work on personal projects and businesses where you've DONE the market research and figured out what it will REALLY take to make a success of it.

And lastly: Have patience with your own projects. Nothing guarantees success like persistence.