Energy Redirection

I just read this article about energy redirection and realised that I already do it. I could do it a lot more but I already do it.

When faced with a bad situation – think of a way to turn it into a CHALLENGE.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for Tanya. We had a 14h00 appointment and I figured I'd be back by 14h30. We were only seen sometime after 16h00! I got highly peeved but, instead of going on an emotional rollercoaster, I resolved to upgrade our medical aid to something other than "KeyCare" as it greatly limits the doctors we can go to.

Many people would have blown up and allowed the (very frustrating) afternoon spoil the rest of their evening and even the rest of their week. That's fine but I've found it's a lot more useful to change that energy into something I can use and grow from.

Read this article for another example of energy redirection.