About Me

Norio De SousaI went from being a lazy teenager to a reluctant working member of society, to an excited self-employed web developer, to an almost-financially-retired entrepreneur. 

I enjoy building systems that solve problems so I'm the guy that builds the system and then gets other people to run it for him. I'm the guy that writes the songs and then makes the royalties (soon, anyway wink), I'm the guy that designs the product, runs with it for a few months or years and then sells it all to get capital for the next project.

Yup that's me :)

I come from reasonably humble beginnings in a little suburb called Malvern in Johannesburg. My parents are typics Poras and still run their own shop together so that's what most of my childhood memories are about.

We never really got anything new but my mom tried her best to provide us with opportunities to grow and learn. She bought my sister an out-dated computer and I immediately fell in love. I went from playing games to programming in a matter of years. I took up computer science in standard 8 and studied Pascal for a while, eventually moving on to (and teaching myself) PHP.

From there, I started creating my own web sites and I've never stopped since!

I enjoy the freedom of the internet and will always be in love with it. It never ceases to amaze me and it's always presenting new entertainment, new profit streams and new ways of connecting with people.